National Center for Citizen Safety

About US


 As acts of domestic terrorism continued to soar in the United States throughout the last decade, President and Founder Lois Blevins quickly realized that most citizens lacked the proper knowledge on how to spot and react to dangerous situations. Blevins then decided to apply her 30+ years of federal law enforcement expertise specializing in threat assessment and training to form an organization that would provide the general public with accessible and affordable tools to protect themselves.

The National Center for Citizen Safety (NCCSAFE) was formed as a 501(c)3 non-profit in 2014 with a mission to provide active assailant training, educational defense tools and safety awareness for preparedness of domestic terrorism within the United States. 

NCCSAFE’s Active Assailant Preparedness Training offers an in depth analysis on how to accurately respond during the quick moments of a crisis. Offered to both the private and public sectors, these educational seminars intricately demonstrate that individuals have the power to change the outcome of an unexpected disaster - saving lives. Aside from formal training, the National Center for Citizen Safety offers a 24/7 cyber tip line to report potential threats across the nation, consistently and clearly identifies public response policies by state and federal law, provides extensive support resources for domestic terrorism survivors and their families, and ongoing nationwide safety awareness. 

Saving Lives, One A.C.T. at a Time.


The National Center for Citizen Safety's mission is to provide the public with resources, education, and training to promote safety and readiness in response to active assailants and acts of domestic terrorism. 

Meet the team


Lois Blevins, Founder & Executive Director

Rafael Matos, PhD., Industrial Organizational  & Behavioral Psychologist

Peg Mannix, Vice Chair Retired U.S. Secret Service Deputy Assistant Director


James D'Amelio, Chair-Elect

Retired U.S. Secret Service Deputy Assistant Director

Susan Weilminster, Executive Assistant

Angie Kozlowski, Communications & PR


Deirdre Henry, President of U.S. Secret Service Employee Recreation Association

Barabra Golden, Retired U.S. Secret Service Agent 

Chip Sheehan, Retired U.S. Secret Service Uniformed Division Officer  


What is NCCSAFE?

The National Center for Citizen Safety (NCCSAFE) is an officially sanctioned 

501(c)(3) non-profit that provides awareness and resources for domestic terrorism preparedness. 

Where are you registered and what is your IRS Tax Identification Number?

#46- 4636866. We are registered with the State of Maryland. 

Does NCCSAFE offer counseling for domestic terrorism survivors?

We offer many resources for domestic terrorism survivors and their families. We do not independently offer counseling, but many of our partners do. You can find resources for affordable or pro-bono counseling on our resources page. We also host various events, conferences and retreats for survivors and their families where they can communicate with and support other survivors. One of our biggest events for the last 5 years has been our Survivor Strong Fun Run & Walk 5k, which brought survivors from all over the nation. 

Will NCCSAFE come to our location?

A: Yes, we will travel to speak, train, and/or present resources to your organization anywhere throughout the United States. If you are interested in NCCSAFE coming to your organization please contact for more information.

Does NCCSAFE have a political agenda?

No, National Center for Citizen Safety is non-partisan  and we take no political stance.  Our mission is simply to prepare and secure the American people in regards to their everyday safety. 

What is the cost for Active Assailant Training?

Costs vary for public and private sector. Please contact with your name and entity you are representing to obtain an estimate for your organization.